Saturday, June 12, 2010

DFW Speed Test #7 - I-75 Central Expressway/I-635 LBJ Freeway

4G speeds seem to be "as advertised" by Clear and Sprint down the I-75 corridor. Great speeds. There are a ton of office buildings and hotels for business travelers in this area as well as what Dallasites call the "Telecom Corridor" Figures as much that we would see these type of data speeds here. Probably an antenna on every building!

DFW Speed Test #6 Bush Turnpike/Central Expressway

Check out this test in the Plano area. Intersection on George Bush Turnpike and Interstate-75 (Central Expressway). Even the 3G speeds are amazing! These speeds would make the horrible commute manageable. Get some serious downloads done or stream the latest ESPN or YouTube HD video while sitting at a dead standstill during morning rush!

Monday, June 7, 2010

DFW Speed Test #5 - Bush Turnpike/N. Dallas Tollway

Some Good 4G speeds at the intersection of two of the main traffic arteries in Dallas. Tons of apartments here, so it would be feasible to forgo a home internet line and use the EVO and the $30 8-way tether as your Sprint Overdrive with these 4G speeds. Ironic that there is a Ferrari dealership and airstrip in the vicinity?

DFW Speed Test #4 - Coppell/Irving border

A few miles northwest of Speed Test #3 and you get similar details on 4G (same tower?) but look at the 3G speed on this test! The download is amazing for 3G speeds but that upload is atrocious.I might be hitting that Taco Cabana more often with these speeds!

DFW Speed Test #3 - Irving

Speed test number 3 was the first time that you can really see the power of 4G in an established market. This test was basically at the bush Turnpike and SH-114 in Irving. 4G was blazing fast and Yahoo HD looked amazing! My thoughts about getting deeper into the Metroplex is coming true..the more dense the area the better the network speeds.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Speed test the Nation..

Start the EVOlution! Going to need your help on this one.

Let's get this 4G network in check! Let's show Clear and Sprint the REAL 4G network map.

  1. Go to the android market and download ShootMe and Speed Test apps
  2. Turn on ShootMe. You will be able to physically shake your phone to take a screenshot
  3. Go to your local 4G area and take a 3G and 4G speed test. Take ShootMe screen of both
  4. Take a ShootMe screen of your Google Earth or Google Map location
  5. Email these three screen caps (3G, 4G and Google location) to
  6. In your email put a quick description of your location, city, and any thing else you observe
  7. I will post here and tweet it out. let's keep 4G honest!  

4.3" Screen...

The EVO's TFT LCD 4.3" screen is going to be the rally cry for most. And that rally could have you running full force into the Android camp or right back into your local Sprint store, Best Buy or Shack to demand a refund. The screen is that polarizing. 

There is no question about it, the screen is huge. The EVO has officially entered into the realm between an extra large phone and small sized tablet. 4.3 inches is almost too large. The keyword being almost. I am coming from a HTC Hero with a 3.2" screen. It was a good size for one handed navigation. You could reach the window shade with one thumb easily. With the EVO, you can feel your hand straining to reach that extra inch. I have begun to hold the EVO in one hand and navigate with the other; even more reason you could almost call this a tablet.

As much as the the screen is a hinder to phone navigation, it is amazing as a media player. I used to use my PSPGo (3.8" screen) as a media player while on a flight, in the gym or lying in bed. Being perfect for video consumption, the EVO has relegated my PSPGo to the corner of my house where electronics go to collect dust. [Say hello to the Wii while your there] I now watch all my podcasts on the EVO and will add movies and shows for travel purposes.

-Size is great for visual media consumption
-The screen is bright and clear
-Touch is responsive

-Size could be too big for some. 4" EVO would be PERFECT!
-The screen sucks battery life if left too bright
-The screen is TFT LCD, so it is useless in direct sunlight