Sunday, June 6, 2010

4.3" Screen...

The EVO's TFT LCD 4.3" screen is going to be the rally cry for most. And that rally could have you running full force into the Android camp or right back into your local Sprint store, Best Buy or Shack to demand a refund. The screen is that polarizing. 

There is no question about it, the screen is huge. The EVO has officially entered into the realm between an extra large phone and small sized tablet. 4.3 inches is almost too large. The keyword being almost. I am coming from a HTC Hero with a 3.2" screen. It was a good size for one handed navigation. You could reach the window shade with one thumb easily. With the EVO, you can feel your hand straining to reach that extra inch. I have begun to hold the EVO in one hand and navigate with the other; even more reason you could almost call this a tablet.

As much as the the screen is a hinder to phone navigation, it is amazing as a media player. I used to use my PSPGo (3.8" screen) as a media player while on a flight, in the gym or lying in bed. Being perfect for video consumption, the EVO has relegated my PSPGo to the corner of my house where electronics go to collect dust. [Say hello to the Wii while your there] I now watch all my podcasts on the EVO and will add movies and shows for travel purposes.

-Size is great for visual media consumption
-The screen is bright and clear
-Touch is responsive

-Size could be too big for some. 4" EVO would be PERFECT!
-The screen sucks battery life if left too bright
-The screen is TFT LCD, so it is useless in direct sunlight

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