Sunday, June 6, 2010

Speed test the Nation..

Start the EVOlution! Going to need your help on this one.

Let's get this 4G network in check! Let's show Clear and Sprint the REAL 4G network map.

  1. Go to the android market and download ShootMe and Speed Test apps
  2. Turn on ShootMe. You will be able to physically shake your phone to take a screenshot
  3. Go to your local 4G area and take a 3G and 4G speed test. Take ShootMe screen of both
  4. Take a ShootMe screen of your Google Earth or Google Map location
  5. Email these three screen caps (3G, 4G and Google location) to
  6. In your email put a quick description of your location, city, and any thing else you observe
  7. I will post here and tweet it out. let's keep 4G honest!  

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